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R. How to Manage the Price Matrix in Brand Software

Hi, these instructions will show you how to Manage the Price Matrix in the Brand Software.

The system comes pre-populated with most of the popular print products and the prices you see are your cost price. You then choose your % mark-up and this is the price your Client will see in the store. All products have a pre-set 35% mark-up, it is then up to you if you would like to change the mark-up %.

Setting your Product & Mark Up

  1. Select Pricing
  2. Select Price Matrix
  3. Select Product
  4. Enter in your % Mark-up
  5. Select the quantities – you would like to display in your store by using the tick boxes on the right
  6. Save
  7. Hit the Publish button – this product will now be ready for you to apply to any of your clients through the Brand Store
  8. Repeat this for every Product

Note: Your client’s are also able to mark-up products and on-sell to their Branches for a profit – we have covered this in another video

We hope these instructions have assisted you in setting up a New Company.

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