• Testimonial
    Since we implemented Brand Software’s Template capabilities across our franchises last month, I’ve already noticed how much quicker and more streamlined our processes are – not to mention how much time and money we’re saving by removing the need for an external design house. As we delve into all the other possibilities offered by this solution, it’s clear that this is only the beginning!
    AnitaClassic Holidays
  • Testimonial
    I don’t know how we did it before Brand Software came along. They’ve not only saved us huge amounts of time trawling through external image libraries to find what we needed – but the ability to share marketing materials and supporting documentation throughout our organisation, without the added frustration of exceeding our server capacity, has been incredibly useful.
  • Testimonial
    It’s a wonderful feeling to be so much more in control of our brand as we develop in the market. Now I can more easily share imagery that’s on-message, I know exactly who has access to which file, and I can keep a better eye on the quality of our marketing materials across all areas of the business.
    CorinneExact Radilogy