Quotes 2

  • The typical executive wastes 150 hours a year (almost an entire month), searching for lost information. For someone earning $50,000 a year, this loss is equivalent to $3,842 annually.

    - Forbes ASAP

  • Majority of businesses produce printed material of some form, whether for yourselves or for your clients. In most cases the procurement is left to departments to fend for themselves which often results in the use of many different printers, with few standards for appearance and quality and often no chance to achieve economies of scale.

    - With Brand Software’s e-procurement module you can get back in control.

  • The importance of web-to-print is such that it was ranked number five among the Graph Expo Must See ’em Technology Dozen. It was ranked as the fifth most important survival technology. It is more than just an up-to-date communication tool – it is the automation of print from customer inquiry to the pressroom. The completeness and way in which web-to-print is implemented is becoming a competitive tool in many print markets.

    - http://graphicartsmag.com/