Plan Detail

Digital Asset Management

Store and retrieve all your digital files from any device – anywhere, anytime. Reduce your search times for marketing and brand assets by 50%. Our smart search functions and filters make it a quick, easy way to find your files.


Print Store

Set up all your marketing collateral in the print store. Make your marketing product available to users to buy or download.


Print Sales Markups

Through the print store you can choose to pass on the wholesale print rates to your users or set it up as your own internal ecommerce store to boost your marketing budget. Branded invoices are automatically generated from the system.


Brand Templates

BMS Template feature enables you to create print media via your web browser. You can set up new business cards, newsletters or adverts in seconds. Reduce design costs and diminish order time by using predefined brand templates.


Print Distribution and Stock Control

If you are an organisation that prefers to order product into your warehouse and then provide outlets access to order stock from, you would set up a distribution module. Here you can charge for freight and easily manage stock and track orders.


API Connection

We can connect with any of your other marketing and accounting systems. The cost of this varies dramatically depending on the complexity of the API.

Brand Identity Guidelines

Brand strategy communicates the brand effectively with all stakeholders. Brand Identity and guidelines keeps creatives consistent and on brand.



Easily manage your print procurement. Use our print prices or use your own suppliers. Compare prices easily and get the best value for money.


User Permissions

Provide access to your users with user permissions, you can control what they can and can not access.


Look and Feel

You can brand your marketing portal with your own logo and users can login from your own website.



If you are a larger organisation and want to rent warehousing space it is available at $45 per square metre. Through the system, users can order product and have it distributed the next day.


Print Store Setup Assistance

If you require assistance with setting up your print store you can ask your Account Manager to provide you with a quote. It’s based on the level of assistance number of files or products needing to be uploaded to the store.


Account Manager

With the Enterprise Plan you will be given an Account Manager to assist you with any training and support.