Any Media File

Any media file from video, images, web content to print files and InDesign packages can be store and shared across the globe instantly.

Any DAM should be deigned to simplifying a complex undertaking into a seamless time and cost-effective tool, that exactly what we’ve done here at Brand Software.

At Brand Software you get an industry-leading digital asset management system integrated with your Brand Guidelines and marketing messages, making it the only choice for marketers in todays digital world where speed and accuracy is of the utmost importance and delivery of on brand marketing material is effortless.

With Brand Software you manage your entire brand, not just your brand assets helping you build brand equity fast. Share your digital assets directly from within the DAM with straight to social media sites, your website CMS and other marketing applications, reducing the need to duplicate your assets in multiple locations.

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Search Functionality

A digital asset management (DAM) solution should allow you to easily and quickly upload your assets and store them in an efficient and accessible manner.

The powerful intuitive search engine indexes the full list of documents and all tags/keywords. The document, tags and keywords can be used with other search options to find any digital asset in other areas of the system. It also displays all related file like InDesign or word.

Brand Identity Guidelines

Move from Brand Police to Brand Champions

Every brand, from the smallest website or startup, to any corporate such as Telstra or McDonald’s, needs brand guidelines to maintain their identity and consistency.

The brand guidelines can range from a couple of pages, to several hundred, no matter how big or small your organization this is the thread that holds together what the public sees and how they perceive your from a company.

The guidelines establish the voice and personality visual identiy and messaging of a company, it governs every aspect of communication from the company.

The brand guidelines are the basis for all interactions on behalf of a company – personal communications, social media, advertising and design.

Consistency is the key to building a strong brand. From the way your logo is applied in exactly the same way across all channels in the way your corporate branding is presented and your company’s overall message.

Brand Software’s brand guideline module will help you to effectively communicate your brand’s story the key marketing message. You have all the brand rules and specific branding elements like logos, colors, fonts and brand element usage at you fingertips to share all your colleagues and external partners to ensure consistency. Users will know exactly where to go when they want to learn more about the brand.

You will be able to easily update your guidelines as your brand evolves.

Link your guidelines and your assets
In Brand Software your brand guidelines can be linked directly with your digital assets. Users can reference from the system how your logo should be used and a particular design and attaché it to the brief.

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The Easy Way to Create Collateral: To avoid the pesky numerous requests to make small changes to your artwork and spending resources localising marketing materials. The web 2 print module makes use of your library of preapproved templates wher users can edit files on the fly to create on-brand marketing materials within your brand guidelines in seconds, it as easy as using word or InDesign

Templates: Publishing on Demand templates can be created for any type of collateral. Business cards, posters banner web content these templates ensure that your team members can create printing materials themselves without the need to turn to in-house designers or agencies for help.

The saved file goes straight into you asset bank for use at a later date. Your marketing team will no longer require expensive third party software to edit images, edit digital images from within their browser.

Use your digital asset management assets to populate and edit preconfigured approved templates, giving your marketing teams the freedom to localise materials while maintaining brand consistency.

Web-to-Print provides huge cost savings and has proven ROI through reduced wastage, improved productivity and increased brand consistency.

Brand Store

Promotional Material Distribution Made Easy

The Brand Store module you have a central platform for ordering promotional items, it will provide sales agents, marketing managers and resellers quick access to the latest sale marketing and promotional items.

Fulfillment and destitution of advertising and promotional material is vital to communicating the brand, however it consumes a lot of energy for the entire department. In particular, routine inventory control and handling of incoming orders can take up a lot of time.

The pricing trier system affords companies the opportunity (if they so choose) to take advantage and buying in bulk at a reduced cost and the selling it to there users for a small markup to help fund the marketing budget. Whilst still giving the users best value in the market. The Brand Store automatically keeps track of orders and stock.

The procumbent system affords companies the opportunity (if they so choose) to enter in their own suppliers to take care of the fulfillment.

Customizing Marketing Materials

In addition to classic advertising materials (pens and calendars, for example) there are also marketing materials that require customization. Thanks to smart integration with the web 2 print module, employees and external parties alike can customize marketing materials on-the-fly. Thus, all customized collateral is always 100% in accordance with your corporate identity.

Ordering and Fulfillment: As Easy as Shopping Online

Your order will automatically be forwarded to both any relevant suppliers, and your preferred print shop.

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