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How to Use your Brand Template in Brand Software

Hi, this video will show you how to use your Brand Templates in Brand Software

A template is an editable file that sets your brand and font specifications but certain fields can be edited. For example a business card is perfect or a Real Estate flyer

To Use an Template

Select Store
Select Template
Select the Template you would like to use
Complete the editable fields
Click Create
Print Ready File
Once you receive the block file

Adding a new product to the system:
Note: If for some reason you can’t find a product in the list, you will have to request Brand Software to add this to the list for you, this a quick process, The reason we do it this way is to avoid people adding duplicate products or derivatives of the same product this will make it very confusing and the list will be endless. Brand Software will set up the product kind and advise you once it’s up

Select Store
Select Price Matrix
Select Category
Select Request new product kind
Fill out all details and hit send

It takes less than 24-hour and the new product will be in the system. Remember to Mark-up and publish your product.

We hope these instructions have assisted you in setting up a New Company. If you have feedback to make this ‘How To’ better, please go to technical Support and let us know. We appreciate your feedback.