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How to set up a New User in Brand Software

These instructions will show you how to add a “New user” to a company. Only a Company Administrator or the Reseller can create Users.

  1. Go to Settings click on “Users List”
  2. Click on “+ New”
  3. Fill in all fields – the Email address is the username and can’t be edited once saved. The Company must be registered and created in the system to allocate the user.
  4. Type a temporary password for this user. (They can change this when they received their notification)
  5. Select the Users level, this determines what they can access in the system.
    a.  Company Administrator has full access to the system they can:
    i.   View and edit everything.
    ii.   Set up new users and permissions.
    iii.  Access the company cost matrix.
    iv.  View branches
    v.  View Financial section
    b.  Registered Client: Can only see the branches you select
    c.  New Client: If a client wants their staff to join the system they can ask them to register from the              login box. The administrator has to activate and an associate the user to a branch and set their                permissions then they become a Registered Client.
    d.  Supplier: External supplier to the system you have to give them access to quote and view orders.             You still have to add a user for the supplier, activate and send them a notification
  6. If the user is a registered client, select which Branches they have access too by ticking the relevant boxes.
  7. Remember to activate the users, or they wont have access to the system
  8. Press “Add New”

Now that you have created the user/s the next step is to set up the users access permission. The User must be active to select Permissions.

We hope these instructions have assisted you in setting up a New Company.

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