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How to request more Prices and Quantities in Brand Software

Hi, these instructions will show you how to ‘Request a quantity variation to a product for the brand store in Brand Software.

To send a request to add quantities

  1. Select Pricing
  2. Select Price Matrix
  3. Select + New Price Quote
  4. Select Category
  5. Select the Product Kind
  6. Select the supplier
  7. Select the next button
  8. Enter in the Quantity
  9. Click the next button to enter in more quantities
  10. Once you have completed entering your quantities, click save
  11. Click send

It takes less then 24 hours to publish the new quantities

You will be notified via email that the product quantities and prices have been published. You can now load your products and files as usual.

Don’t forget to check your price matrix to activate the Quantities and set the mark-up.

We hope these instructions have assisted you in setting up a New Company.

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