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How to Add a New File in Brand Software

Hi, these instructions will show you how to add a “New file” to the library in Brand Software

  1. Click on Library
  2. Click on add ‘+New File’
  3. Fill in the File Asset details as requested – It is recommended that you take the time to complete all the details in full as this makes it easier to find files later on. If you don’t fill out the detail section, the system will automatically adopt the file name once uploaded
    *  Collections – are generally used to cluster assets for a project. Think of it as folders name.  Invitations
    *  Project – If you work with projects or job numbers you can attach the file, or if you use the system to quote, or you can create the sub ‘folder’ project for instance Sydney
    *  Tags – Tagging is the best way to find files quickly. You can set multiply tags. A tip is to get any user that works with an asset to tag it with their name, so when anybody else is looking for a file that person has worked on, they just have to filter the name in the tagging tab once the users are no longer working with the file you can remove their name.
  4. Upload the file by either dragging it into the box or click browse and choose your file on your computer.
  5. Private file is for that User only e.g. Financial Documents, the user will be the only one that can see this file
  6. Upload All – Note: A ‘tick’ will appear to advise the file has been uploaded correctly

We hope these instructions have assisted you in setting up a New Company.

Brand Software is striving to be the best Digital Asset Management System on the market and we can’t do this without your help, so please leave your compliments, suggestions or opinions below. We appreciate your feedback.