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How to Add a New Company in Brand Software

The following instructions will show you how to set up a New Company in Brand Software

  1.  Click on Settings, then Companies
  2. Click on ‘+ New Company’
  3. Fill out all fields on the entire form.
    *  The email address you enter will be the email that notifications are sent to for this company.
    *  Physical address is your ’delivery address’ and where your goods will be sent.
    *  If the client has an approved Account, tick the Activate Credit box – If the customer is COD – keep         this box un-ticked
    *  You can make a Company Active or Inactive by clicking the Active Company Box.
  4. Click the ‘Add New’ Button to save your information. The ‘Add New” button will not be active unless you have filled out all the fields.

If you need to edit any company details later, find the company in the Search area > click on the edit button and begin editing. Don’t forget to save your changes once you are done.

We hope these instructions have assisted you in setting up a New Company.

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