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How to add a Logo to a Company in Brand Software

These instructions will show you how to add a logo to a “New Company” in Brand Software

Please note the logo must be in a PNG format

  1. Click on settings > then click on > general
  2. Click in the ‘Company Logo’ box.
  3. It will default you to the library and bring up any applicable files. If you have the logo in the library you can simply click on it and hit save
  4. If you don’t have the logo in the library; click the + New File button and select browse and browse for the file or simply drag and drop your image into the file drop zone.
  5. Complete all details as requested on the right hand side
  6. Press Upload all.
  7. Now click on the file and the theme is saved.
  8. Refresh your screen and you can view what the logo looks like at the top left hand side of page.

Now that you’ve added a logo, it will be displayed when you log into the Company.

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